Android Offers Consumers iPhone Standard Live TV

Since its launch in 2008 Android has enjoyed a staggering rise in popularity and continues to gain mainstream support. Gartner (May 2010) recently announced that the operating system is now used in ten percent of all smartphones and Android handsets account for twenty eight percent of sales.

The latest example of Android’s growing mainstream support has been demonstrated by Yamgo, the mobile TV and video specialists, who have confirmed the beta release of its live streaming TV service for Android mobile devices.

Despite Android handsets consistently outselling the Apple device and mobile customers using the Android operating system consuming far higher levels of data, the iPhone has long been regarded as the leading smartphone, providing the greatest graphics, colours, sound and streaming. Many Android users have often complained of poor sound, stuttering pictures and squashed screens whenever they attempt to watch mobile TV.

Yamgo’s pioneering beta service has changed that situation for everybody.  Now almost all smartphone users in the UK can enjoy high quality live mobile TV channels from some of the UK’s leading broadcasters, including BBC, ITV and Channel 4, using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Android Users Can Now Enjoy Mobile TV and Video Thanks to Yamgo

Yamgo CEO and Founder Ian Mullins added “The Yamgo service will change the way that Android users enjoy their phones by delivering high quality live mobile TV and video. The majority of Android users can now access an ever increasing number of live UK channels and a constantly updated catalogue of videos and experience the same high-quality enjoyed by those who use on the iPhone

The free live TV service provides Android users and almost all other mobile consumers with the highest possible picture quality using the existing video player in the user’s mobile phone and does not require any additional software or application download.

Our live streaming TV and video service has been a great success on the iPhone and we expect it to be just as popular on phones using the Android operating system. Furthermore, with Yamgo, users of almost any model from the major handset providers can enjoy live UK TV channels and thousands of video clips” added Mullins.

Unlike many other providers, Yamgo operates optimised streaming that adapts the picture quality to the available network connectivity, minimising any buffering and providing a viewing experience even whilst on the move. As a result, unprecedented numbers of Android users are registering with Yamgo and experiencing top quality live streaming for the first time.


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