Free Live Mobile TV Consumption Has Surged In Last Twelve Months

The latest mobile TV phones allow consumers access to a wide range of multimedia services and TV applications. The majority of mobile TV device users browse the internet on their streaming TV handsets, Orange alone reports that they have 3.4 million users a month accessing their internet mobile TV portal through mobile TV devices (ODMI, April 2010).

The launch of the iPhone and Android devices and their app stores have revealed a desire amongst mobile users for increased mobile video content and streaming TV services. There are currently over thirty five thousand apps available for iPhone and over one billion apps have been downloaded since the Apple App Store opened in July 2008.

However, the biggest demand from mobile consumers is access to free live TV. QuickPlay Media (Feb 2010) reported that fifty six percent of mobile users have watched live streaming TV or mobile video on their pocket TV phones. However, that figure would be much higher if there was greater access to free live mobile TV sources.

Sixty eight percent of mobile users who have not yet enjoyed mobile TV state that the perceived cost and lack of available free content has dissuaded them from experimenting with the service. Mobile TV is increasing in popularity on a daily basis and will continue to do so providing free live TV becomes more widely available.

One way consumers can enjoy free live TV is by registering with Yamgo and receiving instant access to live UK TV channels and thousands of video clips. Yamgo streams live mobile TV to almost any mobile device over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. The user is not required to download any mobile TV software and the service is free.

As smartphones become more widespread and users continue to search for greater services for their mobile TV devices the awareness of free live mobile TV will increase. Seventy percent of streaming mobile TV users have only begun watching on their mobile TV phones in the last twelve months(QuickPlay Media). The uptake of new mobile TV handsets is likely to continue and so is the surge in consumer demand for free live streaming TV.


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