Mobile Phones Will Help Workers Enjoy The World Cup Live

With the World Cup now less than twenty four hours away, a recently published survey indicates that over a third of English fans are preparing to skive off work to watch the tournament. The YouGov poll of almost 2,500, found that around thirty-eight percent of full-time workers aged between 18 and 45 were intending to disregard work to support the England team. Another twenty-three percent of those questioned intend to book time off and five percent were planning to throw a sickie.

The TUC union have urged bosses to operate more flexible working hours which would allow football fans to make up the time after a game in a bid to prevent so many of the workforce from downing tools during the tournament. However, lawyers have warned that offering England fans flexible working conditions specifically for the football could be discriminatory. Bosses must also consider the implications for not offering the same benefits to those workers who aren’t English supporters or those who don’t even follow football. Such a policy may be deemed illegal.

Undoubtedly businesses across the country could gain from the atmosphere and vigour that international football matches create. There is no doubt that following the economic troubles of the past eighteen months and the subsequent damage to workers morale a tournament such as the World Cup could provide a valuable boost.  However, companies are unlikely to feel this benefit if many of the workers are taking the day off.

Fans Can Enjoy The FIFA World Cup Live On Yamgo

The solution to the problem may be found in the mobile phones that every worker keeps in their pocket. Mobile TV is primed for a surge in user numbers during the tournament and the live streaming service, provided by companies such as Yamgo, will allow fans to enjoy all the action and every goal whilst still completing their work. Instead of taking days off, phoning in sick or ignoring the company’s phone calls users will be able to turn up for work knowing that they can still watch every moment of football from South Africa.

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