Five Essential FIFA World Cup Android Apps

The world’s most exciting sports tournament, the FIFA World Cup, is underway in South Africa and many predict this to be the first event to dominate smartphones. The tournament takes place at a time when smartphones are increasingly popular and competition is intensifying, particularly in the mobile apps market. As iPhone, Android, Symbian and Blackberry battle it out for supremacy the hype surrounding the World Cup provides an opportunity for developers to stake their claim for providing the best platform.

The most exciting World Cup themed apps have appeared for Android and are thus the most widely available to football fans. There is a wide selection available for Android users who want to stay in touch with the month long competition. The selected five Android apps all have features which are somewhat different and offer football fans the most up to date tournament information. The most exciting aspect of the various Android apps is that even the most casual football fan and World Cup follower can find an app that is suited to them.

1. World Droid Cup

The World Droid Cup is the most downloaded Android application for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and with such an array of features included its obvious why the app has gained such popularity. Once downloaded, the user is able to view all the tournament group listings and all the fixtures. One great feature is the ability to track scores throughout the tournament in real-time, allowing the user to stay right up to date with the action. The app also has a handy competition tree feature which, apart from neatly laying out every teams route to the final, has individual information sections for each game that provide great details such as venue, time and tournament stage.  Arguably the best feature of World Droid Cup is the stadium map. All of the locations for each game are identified using Google Maps, allowing the user to learn facts such about the stadium, the city and the number of games played at each venue.

2. 2010 World Cup

Despite not being the most imaginatively titled application, the 2010 World Cup app is one of the most comprehensive released in Android format for the tournament. The app’s standout feature is the detailed calendar which uses flags on each date to show the day’s matches, removing the need for users to scroll to numerous pages. Users can access each day on the calendar to read a thorough summary of all the day’s fixture information.

The 2010 World Cup app also makes use of a simple and straightforward news panel which allows users to stay informed of all the latest news stories throughout the month long event.

3. World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010 is another substantial application that any World Cup soccer fan should be downloading onto their Android phone. The tournament’s fixtures, group standings, results, live updates, latest news and several other selections are all easily accessed through the navigation bar at the top of the screen. The navigation bar allows users to explore the daily fixtures and open and collapse features as they browse. Whilst this app is not as feature heavy as others downloading the application is worthwhile due to the extensive volume of news content available to the football fan.

4. Yamgo TV

Yamgo does not require any software download, and is therefore not technically an app; however no Android phone would be complete during this World Cup without a bookmark to Yamgo. The free mobile TV and video network are streaming every game live and Android users can enjoy quality only previously available to those with an iPhone. The service is easy to use and only requires the completion of a simple registration form to gain instant access to the best mobile entertainment.

Yamgo Delivers Exclusive World Cup Coverage To All Android Handsets

Users also have access to exclusive interviews, press conferences and behind the scenes footage from every team taking part in the tournament. The Outdoor Sport Channel, broadcasting hourly ITN Sports Bulletins and World Cup updates live from South Africa, is exclusive to Yamgo’s mobile TV network.

The service is free and delivers all the live games broadcast on the BBC and ITV, and provides optimised streaming over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Once registered, Android users are able to watch live TV channels and enjoy a vast array of video on demand content, including various skiing, Formula 1, paragliding, mountain climbing, horse riding, hot air ballooning, motor sports, cycling, wake board sports, transalpine running, the Beach Volleyball World Cup, marathons, drag racing, kart racing, surfing competitions, golf, the Football League, skydiving, basejumping and bikini babes.

5. Mobile

The final app worth considering by Android World Cup fans is the application. The main feature of the app is a regularly updated news feed, supported by a breaking news section found in the navigation bar. The navigation bar also provides soccer fans with easy access to live scores, team sheets, fixtures, results and group tables. Also included in the app is club news from major leagues such as England, Italy and Spain, allowing football fans to stay up to date with any developments at their favourite clubs during the summer.

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