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Yamgo Introduces Video Viral Marketing To Mobile Devices

Yamgo, the global mobile TV network, is again setting new standards of development for mobile technology by launching a mobile phone video viral marketing service that enables consumers to send videos to their friends without the need to download any software.  This latest development from the mobile pioneers opens a new distribution method for brands to use consumers to virally spread adverts on mobile devices.

Mobile TV and video has seen a steady increase in popularity over the past few years, thanks in no small part to the cutting edge work of companies such as Yamgo, but sharing videos across networks and different devices has not been possible due to the different operating systems and software. However, Broadcasters, content owners and marketers with content published on the Yamgo network can now have all their digital media encoded for almost all phones and plugged into a platform that enables it to be shared easily from one phone to another.

Video social networking sites such as YouTube achieved significant success throughout the last decade by allowing users to share their viewing experience by sending emails with video play links to friends. Yamgo’s platform takes this concept to mobile devices using SMS text messaging and a mobile content delivery network that optimises video delivery to different phones and networks. Users recommend and share videos and live TV with each other using Yamgo’s free send-to-friend service, which aims to enable TV and video to be freely shared across the mobile internet. The rapid growth in the smartphone market across the globe and the popularity of social networking amongst the full width of society coupled with Yamgo’s technology platform look likely to combine and replicate the success of video sharing on PCs for the mobile age.

Yamgo allows consumers to share their mobile TV experience by enabling almost all mobile phones to play live TV and video links sent by friends. Whilst also empowering brands to capitalise on a creative way to engage their audience and turn consumers into marketers.

“Mobile phones were originally designed as a communication device, today they are personal entertainment platforms with the power to engage and captivate audiences.  Yamgo’s technology makes mobile TV a social experience by allowing consumers to instantly share what they are watching anywhere anytime.  It could be a live TV programme that you want a friend to see or a funny viral video you must share, it’s now possible using Yamgo’s mobile TV platform”, stated Yamgo’s CEO and founder Ian Mullins.

Yamgo distributes branded content and linear TV across its mobile delivery network to create a unique mobile presence for content owners. The global mobile TV and video network utilises the inherent power of mobile internet and user’s networks of friends to launch viral marketing campaigns that engage users with the brand.

Yamgo Introduces Video Viral Marketing to Mobile Phones

Yamgo Introduces Video Viral Marketing to Mobile Phones

Yamgo Makes Twenty Four Hour Sports News Channel Available For Free on Mobile Phone TV

Free 24 Hour Sports News on Yamgo

Free 24 Hour Sports News on Yamgo

The world’s biggest mobile content delivery network, Yamgo, has announced its mobile television partnership to showcase the new Outdoor Sport News Channel, the first consolidated twenty four hour sports news channel available on freeview mobile TV.

The partnership comprises an exclusive agreement to broadcast live coverage of the new 24/7 sports news channel for free across mobile phones globally and provide sports fans with updates anytime, anyplace and anywhere. The launch fills the void left by the BSkyB decision to remove its Sky Sports News channel from freeview and only make it available to paying Sky subscribers. The arrival of a new free twenty four hour news channel is almost certain to be an instant hit with sports fans still reeling from Sky’s decision.

In a move that will achieve instant approval from sports followers across the country the Outdoor Sport News channel will broadcast a Sky Sports News Bulletin every hour, every day. The team behind the mobile TV network are no doubt well aware that this new service means that Yamgo will now be the only place to watch Sky Sports News for free anywhere.

Sports enthusiasts can look forward to live daily broadcasts of the latest international sports news, including interviews, highlights and results from the worlds of Formula One, cricket, tennis, rugby, boxing, motorsports, major athletics tournaments and all other major summer and winter sports. In addition sports fans can feast on highlights of football matches from around the world and exclusive interviews with the sports’ top players and coaches.

“We are delighted to build our existing relationship with Yamgo as this presents a great opportunity for us to deliver premium live sports news to fans wherever they are. Yamgo’s extensive reach across the world and expertise with mobile content delivery will play a key role in our goal to maximize the availability of world-class premier sports programming and expand our audience demographic globally” said Henk van Meer, Founder and CEO of Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd.

By adopting Yamgo as their broadcast partner for mobile TV, Outdoor Sport Channel aim to take full advantage of the extensive global reach of the Yamgo network and know Yamgo’s widespread usability will play a key role in maximising access to live sports news on mobile devices. The unparalleled platform for showcasing linear mobile TV worldwide makes Yamgo an ideal partner for Van Meer to grow the twenty four hour news channel with live, enhanced and focused mobile TV coverage.

Ian Mullins, CEO and Founder of Yamgo commented “The Outdoor Sport Channel comprises some of the biggest sporting events from across the world, and we’re pleased to showcase this new premium news service across almost all mobile phones worldwide for free. Linear mobile TV continues to be a robust market for sport and this exciting partnership underscores our commitment to serve sports fans and deliver quality programming to our viewers. Yamgo is now the only place that viewers can enjoy 24 hour sports news free and without subscription.”

The addition of the 24/7 News Channel adds to an exciting list of sports events on the Outdoor Sport Channel, including world cup skiing, Formula One, paragliding, mountain climbing, horse riding, hot air ballooning, motor sports, cycling, wake board sports, transalpine-running, the Beach Volleyball World Cup, marathons, air flight days, drag racing, kart racing, surfing competitions, international golf and the Football League.

The twenty four hour news channel promises to deliver breaking news to almost all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson. Using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection sports fanatics will be able to enjoy the latest headlines, interviews, stories and results from upcoming events such as the new football season, the Paris to Dakar Rally, the Ashes Test Series, the Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup, the Rugby World Cup and the 2012 Olympics.

Yamgo in the Frame for Top Mobile Industry Award

Yamgo, the global mobile content delivery network, has been recognised for its pioneering linear TV and catch-up video technology following their nomination in the European Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards.

Yamgo is quickly becoming the mobile content delivery network of choice for companies that want to publish and monetise linear TV and catch-up content across multiple mobile devices. The nomination for “Best MobileVideo App or Solution” is acknowledgment of the company’s industry leading technology solution (ingest, encode, hosting, management and optimised publishing) that allows broadcasters, media companies and service providers to extend their brands, reach a new audience and monetise their content on phones.

Yamgo Founder and CEO Ian Mullins commented, “Yamgo is very proud to receive a nomination that recognizes our unrivalled mobile media service from such a well respected and renowned organisation; Streaming Media is an organisation run by recognized industry experts who provide valuable news, resources and services to those in the digital media industry.  TV channels need to encode and deliver content for 1000s of different mobile phones and Yamgo’s end-to-end solution makes it possible to reach multiple handsets and operating systems using our global mobile content delivery network.”

Streaming Media has been publishing specialist literature and organising exhibitions and conferences for the streaming media industry and community since 1998. The awards are now in their second year and have received such a wide-ranging support and respect because the winners are decided entirely by the readers who vote.

“More than 5,000 votes were cast in the inaugural European Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards, and with the unabated growth in online video over the last 12 months, we’re expecting even more this year. This is the only awards program that honours the top efforts in the online video industry as decided by the people who actually use the products and services and watch the content” Streaming Media editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen explains.

Voting for the twelve categories is now open to the public and will continue until September 13th. The three finalists in each section, comprised of those with the most votes, will be announced on September 20th by the organisers. All of the award winners will be revealed during the ceremony at the world’s largest technology and business conference dedicated to online video, Streaming Media Europe 2010 on October 14th.

The voting system for the Streaming Media Awards is simple. There is no judging panel or jury; the awards are decided by the public. The most votes decide the three finalists and the winner for each category. To place your vote for Yamgo and to review the nominees in all other categories just visit

Android More Popular Than iPhone for Watching Linear Mobile TV

Android based handsets have displaced the iPhone as the most popular device for consuming live mobile TV. The Apple device, regarded by so many as the leading offering in the smartphone industry, has been overtaken by the increasingly popular Android smartphones.

Analysis of 50,000 Android and 50,000 Apple (iPod, iPhone and iPad) users on the Yamgo mobile TV platform sampled at random during July 2010 showed that Android phone owners watched 23 minutes of linear TV per session in comparison to twenty minutes for Apple operating system users.  Since Yamgo’s mobile TV support for Android live TV and video launched less than three months ago the uptake and usage have been impressive and clearly shows Apple is losing its position as the number one mobile TV platform.

With Android securing twenty seven percent of the smartphone market share in the second quarter of 2010, (Nielsen Aug 2010), Yamgo believes it will become a critical platform for content owners and broadcasters to support.  Introduced into the smartphone market less than two years ago, Android handsets continue to outsell iPhones and display notable growth in terms of adoption and functionality. The launch of larger screen Android phones and tablets has fuelled a rising demand amongst users eager to watch high quality live TV and video on their powerful and attractive new devices.

Android attracts power users seeking technology, unlike the iPhone which benefits from a perceived reputation as a status symbol amongst its users. Customers who decide to buy an Android, the majority of which are men, know what they want in a phone, a key factor of which is being able to connect online for various purposes.

Yamgo’s founder and CEO Ian Mullins commented, “The uptake of Yamgo’s Android TV service has been better than expected.  As the Android platform continues to grow in popularity and availability, Yamgo will play a vital role in consumer adoption of Android mobile TV.  With more Android devices being released in the near future, Yamgo will increase its linear TV and on-demand programming to satisfy the rapidly growing marketing for streaming mobile TV.”

Yamgo is quickly becoming the mobile content delivery network of choice for companies that want to publish and monetise linear TV across multiple mobile devices. Yamgo is also compatible with Symbian, Windows and Blackberry operating systems.

“At a time when progressively fragmented audiences are watching live TV and video content on multiple devices, broadcasters, media companies and service providers need an easy and flexible way to distribute content across multiple handsets and operating systems. Our content delivery network makes it easier than ever for companies to reach Android users, in addition to our existing audiences that include iPhone, iPad, Nokia and Blackberry devices”, added Ian Mullins.

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