Exclusive Yamgo BASE Jumping Channel Lands on Mobile Phones

Yamgo the global mobile TV and Video network has launched a brand new exclusive mobile video channel dedicated to the extreme sport of BASE jumping. Viewers around the world can enjoy footage of the exhilarating exploits of some of the world’s bravest sportspeople on their mobile phones for the very first time.

To mark the launch, Yamgo has unveiled a unique series of exclusive video footage including the lowest ever freefall BASE jump in the UK and a number of world first BASE Jumps. Mobile phone users across the globe will be astounded by the breathtaking stunts and visual experience.

The spectacular stunts and expeditions of experienced BASE jumpers, captured on camera for the new BASE channel, are an astounding examples of a sport that has steadily grown in popularity amongst risk taking enthusiasts over recent decades. The sport requires the daring participant to employ a packed parachute after jumping from fixed objects, namely buildings, antennae, spans (bridges) and earth (cliffs) and is one of the world’s most dangerous recreational activities.

The channel will broadcast a combination of programming from Yamgo’s own production team and a host of respected independent producers with unique access to the sport’s best known and most adventurous participants. Yamgo will distribute the channel via optimised streaming technology available for almost any mobile phone. Launching on the Yamgo mobile TV network will make the BASE channel available to almost any mobile phone in the world usinga 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Yamgo Founder and CEO Ian Mullins, himself a previous participant in the sport, added “BASE jumping is an exciting, thrilling and invigorating sport enjoyed by an exclusive group of enthusiasts who generally train for years as Skydivers before starting the sport. By delivering a dedicated BASE channel Yamgo is excited to enable users around the world to experience and enjoy the most inspiring, stimulating and energising videos available on mobile phones.

The Yamgo free live TV and video on demand service provides mobile users with the highest possible picture quality using the existing video player in the user’s mobile phone and does not require any additional software or application download. Yamgo operates optimised streaming that adapts the picture quality to the available network connectivity, minimising any buffering and providing a viewing experience even whilst on the move.


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