Surf’s up as Yamgo Launches Dedicated Surfing Channel on Mobile Phones

Yamgo, the global mobile TV and Video network, has launched a brand new exclusive mobile video channel dedicated to surfing and long boarding. Viewers around the world can enjoy thrilling footage of one of the world’s coolest sports on their mobile phones for the very first time.

To mark the launch, Yamgo has unveiled a unique series of exclusive video footage including boarders catching waves in glorious locations such as Mavericks, Medewi, Playa Naranjo, Jeffery’s Bay and Sunset Beach. Mobile phone users across the globe will be astounded by the breathtaking wave riding and visual experience.

The spectacular cutbacks, turns, duck dives and wipe outs of experienced surfers, captured on camera for the new SURF channel, are an incredible example of a sport and lifestyle that has steadily grown in popularity around the world in recent decades. The sport represents a diverse culture with some people enjoying surfing in their spare time whilst others making it a central part of their lives. In recent times surfing has developed into a multi-billion pound industry with its own distinctive clothing, music, films, literature and language.

The SURF channel will broadcast a combination of programming from Yamgo’s own production team and a host of respected independent producers with unique access to the sport’s best known and most avid participants. The SURF channel will deliver the best action from various surfing locations around the world, including Hawaii, Costa Rica, Australia, South Africa, USA and Indonesia.

Yamgo will distribute the channel via optimised streaming technology available for almost any mobile phone. Launching on the Yamgo mobile TV network will make the SURF channel available to almost any mobile phone in the world usinga 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Yamgo Founder and CEO Ian Mullins, himself a keen participant in the sport, added “Surfing is an exciting and energizing sport enjoyed by a vast range of people across the world. By delivering a dedicated SURF channel Yamgo is excited to enable users around the world to experience and enjoy the most inspiring, stimulating and refreshing videos available on mobile phones.


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