Android More Popular Than iPhone for Watching Linear Mobile TV

Android based handsets have displaced the iPhone as the most popular device for consuming live mobile TV. The Apple device, regarded by so many as the leading offering in the smartphone industry, has been overtaken by the increasingly popular Android smartphones.

Analysis of 50,000 Android and 50,000 Apple (iPod, iPhone and iPad) users on the Yamgo mobile TV platform sampled at random during July 2010 showed that Android phone owners watched 23 minutes of linear TV per session in comparison to twenty minutes for Apple operating system users.  Since Yamgo’s mobile TV support for Android live TV and video launched less than three months ago the uptake and usage have been impressive and clearly shows Apple is losing its position as the number one mobile TV platform.

With Android securing twenty seven percent of the smartphone market share in the second quarter of 2010, (Nielsen Aug 2010), Yamgo believes it will become a critical platform for content owners and broadcasters to support.  Introduced into the smartphone market less than two years ago, Android handsets continue to outsell iPhones and display notable growth in terms of adoption and functionality. The launch of larger screen Android phones and tablets has fuelled a rising demand amongst users eager to watch high quality live TV and video on their powerful and attractive new devices.

Android attracts power users seeking technology, unlike the iPhone which benefits from a perceived reputation as a status symbol amongst its users. Customers who decide to buy an Android, the majority of which are men, know what they want in a phone, a key factor of which is being able to connect online for various purposes.

Yamgo’s founder and CEO Ian Mullins commented, “The uptake of Yamgo’s Android TV service has been better than expected.  As the Android platform continues to grow in popularity and availability, Yamgo will play a vital role in consumer adoption of Android mobile TV.  With more Android devices being released in the near future, Yamgo will increase its linear TV and on-demand programming to satisfy the rapidly growing marketing for streaming mobile TV.”

Yamgo is quickly becoming the mobile content delivery network of choice for companies that want to publish and monetise linear TV across multiple mobile devices. Yamgo is also compatible with Symbian, Windows and Blackberry operating systems.

“At a time when progressively fragmented audiences are watching live TV and video content on multiple devices, broadcasters, media companies and service providers need an easy and flexible way to distribute content across multiple handsets and operating systems. Our content delivery network makes it easier than ever for companies to reach Android users, in addition to our existing audiences that include iPhone, iPad, Nokia and Blackberry devices”, added Ian Mullins.


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