Yamgo Delivers Linear TV to Mobile Phones Worldwide Via Optimised Live Streaming Platform That Does Not Require an App to Watch Live TV on Your Phone

Yamgo, the global mobile TV delivery platform, has announced that its mobile internet streaming technology will be powering a new global mobile live TV network allowing programme makers to broadcast linear TV and catch up TV without the need to have an application loaded onto the phone and works on almost all mobile devices worldwide.

The pioneering mobile Content Delivery Network (CDN) developed by Yamgo provides the technology (ingest, encode, hosting, management and optimised publishing) to deliver linear TV and catch up content for broadcasters, media companies and service providers allowing them to extend their brands, reach a new audience and monetise their content on phones.

Unlike the fragmented applications market, Yamgo’s live streaming solution is accessible through almost any mobile browser, so it’s not limited to a particular device, operating system, or manufacturer. The solution includes the ability to stream linear TV, looped programming and long-form catch up TV which provides broadcasters, media companies and service providers with an opportunity to distribute their content to the mass market using a simple cost effective solution.

Yamgo CEO and Founder Ian Mullins added “Consumers have shown a strong appetite to consume TV on the go; Yamgo’s new live streaming platform offers content providers a low cost, mass market global reach mobile TV solution that is designed to work on almost all phones and networks that support video streaming. Our solution does not require any applications to deliver an optimised TV experience, which significantly reduces costs and on-going maintenance; however if the TV channel does have an existing app or wants an iPhone app they can simply add the Yamgo encoded stream to their iPhone application, TV widget or Android App”.

The global mobile TV network delivered by Yamgo also enables content owners to make their product immediately available to mobile customers and mobile search engines. The Yamgo solution allows the customer to interact with the content without the need for downloading any software or application.  With the Yamgo favicon bookmarked on their homepage, the user is never more than just one click away from optimised live TV streaming and video on demand.

By utilising the Yamgo technology to distribute mobile content media providers can avoid the vast maintenance costs associated with applications. Adopting an application based strategy for content distribution would require individual programmers to maintain and update Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia and Blackberry apps and require users to update their apps to benefit from any developments. Yamgo’s optimised streaming technique delivers a service that can rapidly innovate and refine across all platforms without requiring the user to update and download.


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