Yamgo Introduces Video Viral Marketing To Mobile Devices

Yamgo, the global mobile TV network, is again setting new standards of development for mobile technology by launching a mobile phone video viral marketing service that enables consumers to send videos to their friends without the need to download any software.  This latest development from the mobile pioneers opens a new distribution method for brands to use consumers to virally spread adverts on mobile devices.

Mobile TV and video has seen a steady increase in popularity over the past few years, thanks in no small part to the cutting edge work of companies such as Yamgo, but sharing videos across networks and different devices has not been possible due to the different operating systems and software. However, Broadcasters, content owners and marketers with content published on the Yamgo network can now have all their digital media encoded for almost all phones and plugged into a platform that enables it to be shared easily from one phone to another.

Video social networking sites such as YouTube achieved significant success throughout the last decade by allowing users to share their viewing experience by sending emails with video play links to friends. Yamgo’s platform takes this concept to mobile devices using SMS text messaging and a mobile content delivery network that optimises video delivery to different phones and networks. Users recommend and share videos and live TV with each other using Yamgo’s free send-to-friend service, which aims to enable TV and video to be freely shared across the mobile internet. The rapid growth in the smartphone market across the globe and the popularity of social networking amongst the full width of society coupled with Yamgo’s technology platform look likely to combine and replicate the success of video sharing on PCs for the mobile age.

Yamgo allows consumers to share their mobile TV experience by enabling almost all mobile phones to play live TV and video links sent by friends. Whilst also empowering brands to capitalise on a creative way to engage their audience and turn consumers into marketers.

“Mobile phones were originally designed as a communication device, today they are personal entertainment platforms with the power to engage and captivate audiences.  Yamgo’s technology makes mobile TV a social experience by allowing consumers to instantly share what they are watching anywhere anytime.  It could be a live TV programme that you want a friend to see or a funny viral video you must share, it’s now possible using Yamgo’s mobile TV platform”, stated Yamgo’s CEO and founder Ian Mullins.

Yamgo distributes branded content and linear TV across its mobile delivery network to create a unique mobile presence for content owners. The global mobile TV and video network utilises the inherent power of mobile internet and user’s networks of friends to launch viral marketing campaigns that engage users with the brand.

Yamgo Introduces Video Viral Marketing to Mobile Phones

Yamgo Introduces Video Viral Marketing to Mobile Phones


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