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The Mobile Phone is the Centre of Modern Internet Use

Consumers in 2010 are now increasingly using a single device, the mobile phone, for their various media and communications needs. Mobiles are now considered by many to be the essential device for making calls, sending messages and email and accessing the internet. The mobile phone has become so vital to the everyday life of consumers in the UK that mobile internet is now replacing traditional desktop internet access.

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The changing way in which we use our mobiles has been fuelled by the growing popularity of smartphones and feature-phones in the UK. The number of people owning a smartphone in the UK has increased from 7.2 million in May 2009 to 12.8 million in May 2010 according to a report by OFCOM. The watchdog reports an eighty one percent increase in smartphone users resulting in over a quarter of the UK population owning a smartphone handset. [OFCOM, August 2010]

The surge in smartphone subscriptions has been accompanied by the growth in fast mobile data networks which provide mobile consumers with quick and easy access to the internet. Exploring the internet via mobile phones is the fastest growing mobile media activity. Nielsen reported that between March 2008 and March 2010, the number of people accessing the internet on their mobile phones more than doubled. An average of thirteen and a half million users, twenty eight percent of UK adults with a mobile phone, use their mobile to access the internet every month. [Nielsen, April 2010]

Ipsos stated in recent research that fifty six percent of smartphone users use the mobile internet frequently. [Ipsos, July 2010] Users who access the mobile internet most frequently and more intensively than any others are those users who access the internet through iPhone. Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the UK and accounts for twenty four percent of all daily mobile internet users.

The iPhone has transformed the way in which consumers use data services on mobile handsets to such an extent that eighty seven percent of iPhone users access the mobile internet every day. Similarly, Android-based smartphones are frequently used to access mobile internet services. AdMob reports that twenty six percent of daily mobile internet usage is generated by Android-based handsets. [AdMob, August 2010]

Social networks, such as Facebook, are overwhelmingly popular with mobile users and they account for the greatest time spent using mobile internet sites. According to OFCOM, forty five percent of total time spent online using mobiles is consumed by social networking sites. [OFCOM, August 2010] As well as staying in touch with friends, mobile internet is increasingly being used to watch live television whilst away from home. The phenomenal growth in mobile TV consumption is contributing to the vast increases in mobile data usage across mobile networks in the UK. Over the last twelve months the volume of data transferred over UK mobile networks increased by two hundred and forty percent. [OFCOM, August 2010]

Such developments in mobile use present an exciting opportunity to advertisers, ranging from MMS adverts and mobile games to mobile TV and VoD advertising. The mobile market, widespread availability of high speed networks, increasing adoption of smartphones and the emergence of mobile devices such as the iPad provide conditions that are well-suited to mobile advertising.

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Streaming Mobile TV Set to Dominate International Mobile TV Market

The global demand for mobile TV is ever increasing and streaming mobile TV is set to dominate the market at the expense of broadcast mobile technology. Over the previous decade, the two alternatives have emerged as the main technologies in the marketplace. A recent report by RNCOS, the analysis specialists, stated that streaming mobile TV would experience the greatest uptake in the coming years and acquire the largest share of the worldwide market.  The report suggests “streaming mobile TV is anticipated to dominate the global mobile TV market and will account for around 53% of the total mobile TV subscribers by the end of 2013.” [RCNOS, October 2010]

The global mobile TV market has been witnessing a significant growth over recent years, on the back of its ability to stream live television to consumers on the move and the market has huge growth potential over the next five years. By the end of 2013 it is expected that 570 million people will subscribe to mobile TV services around the globe. [RNCOS, October 2010]

Streaming is becoming increasingly accepted by consumers as the best method of accessing mobile TV and this provides immense opportunities for various industry players including mobile operators, content providers and handset manufacturers. There are various factors that will contribute to the dominance of streaming technology in the international mobile TV market.  These include the relatively low subscription costs, the easy availability, increased data plans and the increased sales of smartphones amongst consumers.

However, the single greatest factor in the emergence of streaming mobile TV and the potential for such tremendous growth is the rollout of advanced 3G and 4G networks and the rapid acceptance of these technologies which provide a hugely increased target audience.

In 2009, mobile penetration reached 100% in Germany and has enabled users in any area of the country to access mobile streaming easily and cost effectively. The largest telecom market in Europe, Russia, has experienced considerable growth in mobile TV users due to the expansion of 3G and 4G networks across the country. As RNCOS reports, the number of mobile TV users in Russia is anticipated to cross 17 Million by the end of 2013. [RNCOS, October 2010]

However, the surge in 3G and 4G networks is not exclusive to Europe. Africa is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world and presents an immense opportunity for streaming technology. It has seen tremendous growth over the recent years due to the ability of mobile to fill the void left by a lack of fixed line communication facilities. Rising affordability, technical advancement, competitive environment and increasing middle class income levels have all contributed to the fast growth in the mobile market.

Nigeria, for example, is the largest mobile market in the African continent with the highest population of around 150 Million. Over the next three years, the number of mobile users is expected to grow by 50million. [RNCOS, July 2010] This huge increase will create one of the most lucrative markets for mobile TV and streaming technology.

Another area of outstanding potential and future growth for mobile TV consumption is China. Of all the developing countries, China is the largest mobile TV market. The country has a vast number of mobile consumers and a 3G network which covers the entire population. China provides streaming mobile TV, and the companies supporting it, with its most lucrative and rewarding opportunity.

The success of streaming mobile TV will depend on the willingness of mobile operators to provide affordable access to the newly expanded networks, the capacity of content providers and services, such as Yamgo, to deliver high quality programming and the ability of manufacturers to produce handsets that support good picture quality at high data transfer rate. A successful combination of these elements will enable streaming mobile TV to control and dominate the worldwide mobile TV marketplace.

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Enjoy the Ultimate After Party as Yamgo Launches IbizaOnTV on Mobile Phones

IbizaOnTV, the world’s first 24/7 music channel dedicated to the nightlife of the biggest party island has launched its live TV channel on Yamgo, the world’s leading mobile TV network.

Watch Ibiza On TV on Yamgo mobile TV

Ibiza is appreciated around the world for its sun, sea and scenery and also for its unrivalled parties and nightlife. Launching the non-stop channel on the world’s largest mobile content delivery network, will showcase the fun, energy and culture of Ibiza for users around the globe to enjoy long after the summer clubbing season has ended.

The channel, available on mobile phones for the first time, will feature a combination of special programmes on the island’s biggest events, the best clubs, the wildest parties, the loudest concerts and the latest DJ sets and videos of dance music’s hottest tunes.

Broadcasting direct from the party capital of the world, IbizaOnTV will deliver regular reports with exclusive footage of the hottest events of the summer, exclusive interviews with internationally famous DJs and unseen backstage action from the biggest parties.

The fresh, young dynamic channel will deliver the best of the island to almost all mobile phones, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia and Blackberry, and will feature a captivating and irresistible schedule comprising of exclusive video shows from some of dance music’s biggest events. Mobile users will have access to footage from the island’s biggest clubs including Privilege, Amnesia and Space.

“We are delighted to start this new journey with Yamgo. Making IbizaOnTV available free of charge on all mobiles to our fans is a superb way of spreading the atmosphere of Ibiza worldwide and we are very happy to team up with Yamgo and provide the best viewer experience on mobiles” added IbizaOnTV President Matteo Bonsanto. “Yamgo’s extensive reach across the world and expertise with mobile content delivery will play a key role in our goal to maximize the availability of Ibiza programming and expand our audience demographic globally.”

The partnership between Yamgo and IbizaOnTV, will offer viewers great shows that focus on the music and its biggest characters that are not available anywhere else on mobile; including DJs such as Deadmau5, Roger Sanchez, Armin Van Buuren, Pete Tong and Ferry Corsten.

Ian Mullins, CEO and Founder of Yamgo stated “As the premier broadcaster dedicated to parties, clubs and DJs in Ibiza, IbizaOnTV is a great channel to satisfy the increasing demand from 18 to 30 years olds who want to watch music TV and stay up to date with the clubbing scene in Ibiza.  It’s great to have them on the Yamgo network and allows consumers to enjoy the party life of Ibiza at anytime and anywhere.”

IbizaOnTV, clubland’s most exciting and enjoyable TV channel, will be available on mobile devices worldwide with Yamgo at

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