Streaming Mobile TV Set to Dominate International Mobile TV Market

The global demand for mobile TV is ever increasing and streaming mobile TV is set to dominate the market at the expense of broadcast mobile technology. Over the previous decade, the two alternatives have emerged as the main technologies in the marketplace. A recent report by RNCOS, the analysis specialists, stated that streaming mobile TV would experience the greatest uptake in the coming years and acquire the largest share of the worldwide market.  The report suggests “streaming mobile TV is anticipated to dominate the global mobile TV market and will account for around 53% of the total mobile TV subscribers by the end of 2013.” [RCNOS, October 2010]

The global mobile TV market has been witnessing a significant growth over recent years, on the back of its ability to stream live television to consumers on the move and the market has huge growth potential over the next five years. By the end of 2013 it is expected that 570 million people will subscribe to mobile TV services around the globe. [RNCOS, October 2010]

Streaming is becoming increasingly accepted by consumers as the best method of accessing mobile TV and this provides immense opportunities for various industry players including mobile operators, content providers and handset manufacturers. There are various factors that will contribute to the dominance of streaming technology in the international mobile TV market.  These include the relatively low subscription costs, the easy availability, increased data plans and the increased sales of smartphones amongst consumers.

However, the single greatest factor in the emergence of streaming mobile TV and the potential for such tremendous growth is the rollout of advanced 3G and 4G networks and the rapid acceptance of these technologies which provide a hugely increased target audience.

In 2009, mobile penetration reached 100% in Germany and has enabled users in any area of the country to access mobile streaming easily and cost effectively. The largest telecom market in Europe, Russia, has experienced considerable growth in mobile TV users due to the expansion of 3G and 4G networks across the country. As RNCOS reports, the number of mobile TV users in Russia is anticipated to cross 17 Million by the end of 2013. [RNCOS, October 2010]

However, the surge in 3G and 4G networks is not exclusive to Europe. Africa is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world and presents an immense opportunity for streaming technology. It has seen tremendous growth over the recent years due to the ability of mobile to fill the void left by a lack of fixed line communication facilities. Rising affordability, technical advancement, competitive environment and increasing middle class income levels have all contributed to the fast growth in the mobile market.

Nigeria, for example, is the largest mobile market in the African continent with the highest population of around 150 Million. Over the next three years, the number of mobile users is expected to grow by 50million. [RNCOS, July 2010] This huge increase will create one of the most lucrative markets for mobile TV and streaming technology.

Another area of outstanding potential and future growth for mobile TV consumption is China. Of all the developing countries, China is the largest mobile TV market. The country has a vast number of mobile consumers and a 3G network which covers the entire population. China provides streaming mobile TV, and the companies supporting it, with its most lucrative and rewarding opportunity.

The success of streaming mobile TV will depend on the willingness of mobile operators to provide affordable access to the newly expanded networks, the capacity of content providers and services, such as Yamgo, to deliver high quality programming and the ability of manufacturers to produce handsets that support good picture quality at high data transfer rate. A successful combination of these elements will enable streaming mobile TV to control and dominate the worldwide mobile TV marketplace.

Yamgo leads the field in mobile TV streaming technology

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