Mobile Advertising Arrives With Growth Of 116% In 2010

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau [March 2011, “Ad Spend Figures 2010”, IAB] the long predicted growth of mobile advertising is finally being realised. Their new report released this week indicates 2010 was a year of exceptional progress for mobile advertising with the UK market increasing 116% to £83m in 2010. This spending was led by the entertainment and media sector, but with encouraging growth from finance, telecoms and consumer goods advertising.  What were the foundations this growth?

Mobile phones are no longer used solely for calls and text messages, users now pick up their handsets to communicate in a number of diverse ways, including email, instant messaging, chat services, social networks and internet messaging services, such as Skype. As mobile phones both smartphones and feature phones have developed and improved, the various ways to utilise the mobile device have flourished. The overall user experience has improved as mobile phones have benefited from larger, more interactive screens, enhanced operating systems, more sophisticated browsers, greater network coverage and more affordable data plans.

The consumer appetite for the mobile internet has resulted in an increased number of services being presented to mobile users. Brands familiar to consumers as offline companies have been impelled to create a mobile presence and have gradually included mobile as part of their competitive strategy. There is now enormous concentration from brands and advertisers to utilise mobile to engage their target markets for a complete variety of products and services; and marketers are recognising the worth of the mobile channel.

There are currently a vast number of brands accommodating mobile advertising with enormous success to accomplish numerous objectives, ranging from audience engagement, greater brand awareness, increased traffic to specific sites and generating purchases via mobile phones.

It appears that 2010 was the beginning of the next generation of advertising with a complete array of appealing prospects for brands and advertisers to fully exploit in the coming years.

About Harriet Rees

Harriet is part of the communications team at Ad Spruce.

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  1. Nothing is weird about this, nowadays, there are so many people having more than one mobile phone.

  2. CrazyDreamer

    I am expecting for more.

  3. I don’t really keen of getting advertisements while I am watching my favorite programs. I hope this will not getting out of hands.

  4. Advertising always finds a way into new technology.

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