Brits ‘Cannot Get Enough’ Of Smartphones and Tablets, Say KPMG

The latest report from KPMG* indicates that the popularity of smartphones and tablet devices is soaring in the UK and offers content owners and advertisers fresh, and potentially lucrative, revenue streams.

Sales of the latest mobile devices, which include Apple’s iPhone range and recently released iPad 2, Android handsets such as the HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson Xperia and LG Optimus and Blackberry handsets such as Torch and Curve, have increased by a third in the last year. Thirty six per cent of people in the UK who own a mobile device now own a device released within the last twelve months.

KPMG informs us that the number of people buying tablet computers more than doubled in the last twelve months, with Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 proving most popular with consumers.

The demand for smartphones and tablets is at a record high and is fuelled by the consumption of mobile media, including TV, video, gaming, newspapers and e-books. KPMG states that the rise in popularity of such devices as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC Flyer, coincides with the availability of fast internet access through Wi-Fi and high speed mobile networks.

David Elms, KPMG Head of media, said: “The popularity of these devices will continue to grow. People are becoming hungry for data. What we can see is that people are prepared to spend on content.” He added: “This is showing the way forward for media companies.”

Smartphones are especially popular among younger consumers, according to KPMG, with fifty four percent of 18-24 year-olds owning them. Three-quarters use their smartphones to surf the net and to read emails, while sixty one percent use it for social media and one-eighth has read an eBook on the device.

The report found that more than sixty per cent of tablet users paid for content, which included newspapers, music and e-books, with the average user spending over £8 a month. In comparison fewer smartphone users were prepared to pay for content, only twenty four percent, with the average user spending between £5 and £6. Spending on applications was higher for users of both types of device, with the average smartphone user spending £6 a month and tablet user spending £9 a month.

KPMG Head of Media, David Elms, recognised the potential revenue streams that the popularity of the latest mobile devices offers to content owners, brands and marketers, “Our survey clearly shows there is an appetite for paid for on the move content. The proliferation of apps and devices is driving expenditure online at a faster pace than fixed-line computers. This represents a significant opportunity for media companies to monetise online content and develop new media business models in pace with consumer demands.”

*[KPMG, “Media and Entertainment Barometer”, June 2011]

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  1. I am still thinking whether to get a normal laptop or a tablet. Your articles did enlighten me on my needs on these gadgets. I hope I will not make bad decision this time.

  2. It’s depends on what’s your online activities you wish to perform with your device. You should make a research first on how you going to use it before buying. I love movies and I am working as a writer, so a laptop will suits me most. Maybe I am just not so comfortable with touch screen yet.

  3. I will go for tablet because I love touch screen.

  4. When getting a tablet, remember not to expect much in terms of performance.

  5. Great blog post, enjoyed reading and a great site, thanks

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