Americans Watching More TV Thanks To Mobile Devices

Americans are watching more TV, with viewership growing the fastest on mobile devices, new research by Nielsen* reveals.

The Nielsen study discloses that the average American now watches 22 minutes more television per month than last year. Television viewing has inflated across all platforms, with consumption over the internet up by 34.5 percent from last year, viewing on mobile devices rising by 20 percent from last year, and traditional TV usage increasing by 0.2 percent from last year.

Nielsen found that the average American watched over 158 hours a month of television in the home on a traditional TV set in the first three months of 2011. In comparison the average American consumer watched 4.5 hours a month via the internet and approximately 4 hours 20 minutes a month on a tablet or smartphone device.

The study found that the increased amount and diversity of content available to consumers and the ability to watch content at the viewer’s convenience were the two main factors behind the overall increase in media consumption over the past twelve months. Pat McDonough, senior vice president of insights and analysis for Nielsen illustrated this finding, “So when I can watch when I want to, and there’s more content available, this is leading to people watching television more.”

Over the past year the use of mobile devices as a gadget for watching television in all locations, including the home and during travel, has surged in popularity. Nielsen reports that in the last twelve months the number of people viewing television using mobile devices such as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab has increased by a massive forty one percent. The biggest consumers of TV across mobile devices, in particular tablets, are families. Tablet devices are driving the trend, as Nielsen informs us in the report. Adults are able to watch one thing on the TV set whilst kids can watch another program on the iPad and the whole family can still be sat together in the same room. Tablets are popular amongst all the family due to their simplicity and ease of use, illustrated by their touch screen controls.

Nielsen reports that these changes are taking place within a culture of instant gratification and companies must meet this demand if they are to capitalise on these new consumer markets. Viewers expect to be able to customize their TV experience to suit their needs and tastes. As a result TV is becoming more video on demand in nature, allowing users to choose what they watch and where they watch it.

*[Nielsen, Cross Platform Report, June 2011]

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  1. I wonder and kind of worry if everyone will forget or totally stop to watch new released movies in the cinema? I hope cinema will still exist in future.

  2. Melinda Gordon

    I am still angry with the cancellation of the 6th season of Ghost Whisperer series due to lack of television rating and supporters. At least we are watching it online and through mobile devices. They should really consider the decision once again.

  3. What is there to worry McNugget? This is a good news, at least we know that our technology is still growing for good.

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