TV and Video Dominate Mobile Data Traffic

A latest industry study, the ‘Mobile Analytics Report’* has revealed that mobile TV and video services, such as global offering Yamgo TV, are responsible for approximately 40–60% of total mobile data traffic on wireless networks.

The report provides apparent evidence of the escalating usage of mobile TV and video being prompted by the considerable and continual growth in the adoption of laptops, smartphones and tablets. The study highlights the dominance of devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad and more significantly Android based devices, such as the HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Motorola Atrix, which are being used to access the majority of mobile video.

The survey surmises that the huge surge in growth of mobile data consumption will present operators and mobile service providers the tough challenge of meeting consumer demand. “Continued aggressive growth in mobile data – fuelled by video and application usage over faster networks and more powerful, user-friendly devices in the hands of billions of people – has created a formidable traffic management challenge for carriers,” said Ronny Haraldsvik, vice president of Global Marketing at Bytemobile.

The report which investigated mobile use during Q2 2011 acknowledged that half of the total data traffic initiated by mobile devices, such as iPad, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry Playbook, LG Optimus Pad and the Dell Streak, results from video. The report also found that whilst there was recognisable spikes and dips in general traffic across all mobile networks, mobile consumers access TV and video at all hours of the day.

The huge demand for mobile TV and video that is increasing amongst consumers presents content owners, marketers and mobile TV services, such as the globally recognised Yamgo TV, with an enhanced opportunity for monetisation. The analysis from the study suggests clearly that, when given access to reliable wireless networks, mobile viewers watch more videos and consume content for longer periods of time. This consequently represents an improved option for those offering these services to engage with their audience and generate further revenue.

*[Mobile Analytics Report, Bytemobile, June 2011]

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  1. you can see what you wanna get on your mobile

  2. I guess users have changed their medium to access these entertainments. Conventional TV no longer is the main stream anymore.

  3. My country television and entertainment provider is starting to use the internet as one of the medium to provide entertainment to users.

  4. I don’t see anymore suitable reason for people to pay more on their mobile devices if not for this purpose. Reading emails does not have to be this expensive.

  5. Indeed, with the market for smartphones on a high and continually rising, video traffic on mobiles is likely to increase even more!

  6. Great blog post, enjoyed reading and a great site, thanks

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