More People Now Consume TV and Internet Together

A new consumer survey has revealed that more people are now in the habit of browsing the internet whilst watching television.

The poll conducted by GfK/Deloitte* surveyed four thousand people and found that sixty eight per cent have surfed the web while watching TV, an increase from 56% in 2010. The number of people who admitted to doing both on a frequent basis has risen to thirty per cent from sixteen per cent last year.

The survey highlighted the influence that television can have over internet activities if viewers access the web whilst watching their favourite shows. One of the most popular activities carried out on the web whilst watching television was shopping, with forty five per cent of those studied visiting online retailers.

Despite the growth in popularity of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, television continues to play an important part in brand building. The report found that one in five 18 to 24 year olds searched and then purchased a product or service because they had seen it on television.

Smartphones sales are continuing to rise and many consumers are expected to purchase an iPad or tablet computer in the next twelve months which means the habit of consuming the internet and TV together is set to increase.

This trend presents the television industry and advertisers with an interesting opportunity to extend their brand messaging beyond the television and influence the consumer habits of its viewers. However any strategies to capitalise on this shift in behaviour must be carefully managed to avoid a viewer backlash against content perceived as overtly created to sell merchandise.

*[“2011: TV’s relationship with advertising, social networks, shopping, technology and companion devices”, August 2011, GfK/Deloitte/ MGEITF]

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Harriet is part of the communications team at Ad Spruce.

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  2. With the new SMART TVs, such trends will be on the rise!

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