A Night Out With Friends Will Never Be the Same Again

Socialising With Smartphones

A new survey has revealed how important smartphones have become to the British consumer. Mobile devices have become so integrated into lives of users that they now form an integral part of any night out on the town.

The average mobile phone user in the UK has become so reliant upon their smartphone that they spend forty eight minutes during a night out on their phone.*

The need for constant contact with smartphones has grown as the demand powerful new devices and the popularity of social media has increased. During an evening socialising with partners, family or friends, the average user will send three emails, twelve text messages and two photos, as well as updating social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, with three messages and two status updates and watching ten minutes of video or TV.

The research concludes the habit is most obvious in those under the age of twenty five, who spend an average of an hour and a half using their smartphones whilst out for the night.

A third of men questioned during the survey confessed to regularly checking up on news or sport updates on their smartphones whilst socialising and twenty percent of men admitted that they slept with their mobiles next to their pillow at night.

The research also found that even though women spend an average of fifteen hours a day with their phones this figure was exceeded by men. Habits indicate that men are the most reliant on their smartphones spending seventeen hours with their device every day.

Incredibly, over thirty percent of British mobile users admit to texting or emailing on their phone whilst having a face to face conversation with somebody else. These changes in behaviour have not gone unnoticed by consumers. Thirteen percent of those who took part in the survey complained that their other half dedicates more time to their mobile phone than having meaningful conversations with them.

As smartphone sales continue to rise, surpassing those of regular mobile phones, these trends will likely increase and become more prevalent. More and more people can no longer contemplate carrying out daily activities without their smartphone within arm’s reach. This behaviour is likely to increasingly influence social situations and test personal relationships.

The need to regularly update social networks, posting messages about every aspect of our lives during nights out with friends and sending text messages and returning emails or watching video before going to bed is rapidly becoming the norm. This addiction to mobile phones will continue to exert pressure on our social lives forcing face to face conversations down the pecking order.

*[Suvey conducted by Sheilas’ Wheels, Sept 2011, http://www.sheilaswheels.com/media/news/LESSON_TECHIQUETTE.html ]

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  1. True.. Although I don’t think night outs/hangouts will get affected so much! After its only friends that we’re connected to on social networks/real life! 🙂

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