Streaming TV and Video Captures the Attention of Mobile Users

The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets is unquestionable. Reports are published on an almost daily basis further demonstrating the increasing adoption of the latest mobile devices by consumers of all ages. The rapid absorption of handsets supporting platforms such as iOS and Android by users of all ages has led to the demand for mobile media content.

As the popularity of devices such smartphones and tablets has grown so too has the number of people choosing to watch TV and video on mobile devices. The trend for accessing streaming media on devices such as the Apple iPhone 4, HTC Sensation and Apple iPad has increased across all age groups in the last twelve months. Research indicates that thirty five percent of users have watched online movies and TV during 2011, an increase from twenty six percent in 2010.*

The latest study looking at the habits of mobile phone users has found that thirteen to thirty one year olds consume far more streaming video than older members of society. The report, published by Knowledge Networks, reveals that over half of all users within that age group regularly watch TV or other forms of streaming media on mobile devices.

The research concludes that fifty six percent of users aged between 13 and 31 years old watch some form of streaming media at least twice a week. They are also four times more likely to watch TV and video on their mobile devices than users over the age of forty five.

The impact of tablets, like the Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom, cannot be underestimated. The latest findings indicate that tablet owners spend, on average, 55 minutes daily accessing the Internet on their tablets. The high quality user experience, easy access to Wi-Fi networks and the availability of streaming TV and video services make tablets the ideal device for viewing mobile content.

*[Knowledge Networks, Oct 2011,]

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  1. The market is set to grow with new players coming in and existing ones gearing up.

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