Mobile Video Set To Dominate Mobile Data Traffic








The latest research examining the growing use of mobile devices to access the internet has found that 60% of all global mobile data consumed by 2016 will be down to mobile video.*

The huge expected growth in mobile video traffic, 28% year on year, presents a lucrative opportunity for broadcasters, media companies and advertisers to cash in on the demand for entertainment on the go. The report states that revenue from mobile video is set to reach $22.5 billion by 2016 and competition is set to be intense between those seeking to capitalise on this rapidly expanding market.

The continuous development of smartphone technology and the increasing popularity of tablet devices will serve to increase the demand from consumers for mobile entertainment. The move away from traditional media towards this new digital age will be further driven by the desire for media companies to engage with changing viewer habits, build new audiences for their content and generate brand new streams of revenue.

Services such as Yamgo TV are leading the way in this new emerging market. The Yamgo network offers broadcasters and media companies the opportunity to distribute their content across all mobile platforms and reach a global audience through any mobile device. The ability to engage with mobile users around the world presents programme makers with a unique situation to develop a potentially lucrative following for their content.

As mobile video popularity increases the need for companies to monetise popular content will drive the growth of mobile video advertising in the coming years. The global distribution platform offered by Yamgo presents advertisers and marketers with an excellent chance to capitalise on the developing demand for mobile video. Consumers have shown a willingness to accept short video adverts in return for free video content and advertisers will hope to benefit from the growing demand for mobile video entertainment.

*[“Mobile Video & TV on Smartphones: Market Drivers and Challenges Report 2011-2016”, October 2011, Visiongain]

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  1. Those are some good statistics! 🙂

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