Mobile TV Grabs the Attention of the Masses

The latest study into the user habits of consumers has highlighted a huge surge in the demand for video and TV on mobile devices.

In twelve months the interest in multi-screen video services, such as Yamgo, has risen from 48% to over 57% of those questioned. The increase has been fuelled by the growing adoption of smartphones and tablet devices. Smartphones remain the primary device for accessing video and TV with 35% of those surveyed having tried a service using their phone. The majority of mobile TV users have begun enjoying such services only recently, with over 72% having moved to mobile video entertainment within the last year. The greatest increase in mobile TV and video usage occurred amongst the expanding numbers of tablet users. The study found that 91% of iPad and tablet owners have used their new device to watch TV or a movie since 2011. The mass adoption of mobile TV and video by tablet users has been aided by the availability of easily accessible Wi-Fi networks. The majority of video and TV content consumed on tablets is done so via a Wi-Fi connection, the study found that over 75% of those watching video did so using a Wi-Fi only device. The increased ownership of smartphones, iPads and tablets coupled with ever increasing Wi-Fi coverage is leading to a change in the nature of media consumption. The survey identified that almost half (48%) of mobile video and TV services were activated whilst in the home, signalling a decrease in the reliance on traditional TV sets for entertainment. The study also highlighted further changes in consumer habits, identifying that 13% of users enjoy mobile media during activities, 10% whilst at work, 8% of consumers watch TV and video whilst travelling and 8% of people relieve the boredom of queuing by watching video. The increased popularity mobile devices coupled with the demand for TV and video outside of the traditional living room presents and excellent opportunity for video and TV providers. The report concludes that over a third (34%) of users choose over the top providers as their mobile TV and video service. [Market Tools Survey 2012, Quick Play Media, April 2012]

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