Mobile Video Advertising Continues To Grow – Video Views Increase by 958%

Advertisers and brands are embracing mobile video ads at an escalating rate. With more of the world’s largest brands employing mobile video adverts, the potential for products and services to improve user numbers, sales figures & revenue through mobile advertising has never been greater.

The latest report from the leading independent mobile advertising and data platform, Millennial Media reveals the number of video ads viewed on mobile devices increased 958% over the course of the past year, from Q2 2011 through Q1 2012.

The latest study, Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART) Report*, found that the vast majority of all mobile video ads are delivered via smartphones. Seventy three percent of the 280 billion video adverts were viewed on a phone such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC Sensation. Only 7% of video ads were served through feature phones, whilst 20% of those who viewed video adverts did so using non-phone devices such as tablets and MP3 players like the iPod.

The most effective tablet device for video advertising is the iPad which commands the largest share of the total views. This is not surprising when you consider the Apple device accounts for over 60% of the 118 million tablets that are expected to sell during 2012.*

The report also states that 49% of mobile video ads were delivered across the Android operating system compared to 33% that reached viewers via the Apple iOS.

The widespread adoption of tablets and smartphones has changed how consumers engage with brands. As a result brands and advertisers are being forced to reassess how they target and interact with contemporary consumers. The report’s findings indicate that in Q1 2012, advertisers continued to shift ad spend away from traditional media channels, such as TV and print, instead deciding to focus more heavily on mobile.

Advertisers and brands have also begun to understand the unique ability of mobile advertising to provide unparalleled audience targeting. As indicated by the report, marketers are increasingly aware of the power that mobile has to deliver targeted specific video messaging and are as a result developing new strategies to engage potential customers.

Mobile video advertising is also becoming an essential tool for advertisers and marketers attempting to build sustainable brand awareness. Smartphones and tablets provide a unique platform to deliver compelling video messages and create lasting brand impressions with consumers. The popularity of mobile devices combined with the tracking capabilities of mobile video advertising this presents an exciting and potentially lucrative opportunity for advertisers, brands and developers.

As a result the rate of growth shows no signs of slowing down just yet…

*[Millennial Media, “Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART) Report”, June 2012]

**[Google, “Google I/O Conference”, June 2012]

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Harriet is part of the communications team at Ad Spruce.

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  1. As a result the rate of growth shows no signs of slowing down just yet…

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