Valentine’s Day Special: The Top 5 Most Romantic Bollywood Movie Scenes

Since its Valentine’s Day we thought we would inspire you with what we think are the most romantic Bollywood movies scenes ever made. So sit back, relax and read on…

1.    Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995)Regarded as one of the most romantic films of the 1990s, this Bollwood movie casts the king of romance- Shahrukh Khan along with his romantic onscreen partner-the actress Kajol. In the movie we see Simran’s (Kajol) traditional family from Punjab decide to move and settle down in London. Despite this change in scenery, it is clear that Simran’s family have not lost their cultural values. Simran decides to set off on a month long Eurail tour which changes her life forever when she meets and falls in love with carefree Raj (Shahrukh Khan). As we all know falling in love in a movie is never easy and we find out that Simran is already promised to a man in India. Once Simran’s trip is over she moves back to Punjab to be with her betrothed. Raj, who loves her, follows her all the way to her fiancé’s house to convince her parents to let him take Simran back to London with him.

The end scene, where everyone assembles at the railway station is also the most romantic scene of the film. Raj boards the departing train after bravely fighting Simran’s fiancé. When Simran makes an attempt to join Raj, her father stops her. When Simran begs him to let her go, her father concedes by letting go of her hand. Simran runs along with the moving train to Raj who, upon realising that she is trying to join him, outstretches his arm. She finally catches his hand in a firm grip and boards the train. This scene is considered the most romantic scene in Bollywood.

2.    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

Shahrukh Khan and Kajol were so perfect together in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, that they were cast together in another romantic film called Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. In “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) and Anjali (Kajol) are best friends in college. Rahul soon falls in love with another friend called Tina (Rani Mukherjee). When Anjali realises her love is unrequited, she leaves the college and her best friend behind. Rahul marries Tina who later dies due to internal bleeding after delivering a baby girl. Eight years later Rahul, in search of his daughter runs into his former best friend Anjali again. Seeing her after so many years opens Rahul’s repressed love for her. Anjali realises her love for him has not died either but she is soon to marry another man. They have a final confrontation, after which Anjali’s fiancé- Aman Mehra (Salman Khan) unites them together.

This scene reiterates the onscreen chemistry between Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. The most romantic scene in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is at the summer camp when Rahul and Anjali are caught in a downpour. They both take shelter in a nearby gazebo. As Anjali is attempting to dry her wet hair, Rahul gets down on knee and asks her to dance with him. As the music plays, Rahul pulls Anjali into his arms and begins dancing. They both give in to their need and love for each other. Just when the scene is about to get intimate, Anjali’s diamond ring glitters catching her eye and she returns to reality. She wrenches from Rahul’s arms and runs away into the rain. Rahul looks at her disappearing figure with love in his eyes.

3.    Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

One of the biggest hits in the 1980’s was the Bollywood film Maine Pyar Kiya. This film turned actor Salman Khan into a superstar overnight. Co-starring with Bhagyashree, the movie storyline is about a rich boy called Prem falling in love with a poor girl named Suman. Their fathers are childhood friends who drift apart due to a villainous interference. In order to convince Suman’s father that he is serious about his daughter, Prem leaves his house and rich lifestyle to work as a labourer. He soon begins to earn money, fulfilling the condition put down by Suman’s father. However it doesn’t all go smoothly as one day villains try to ambush Prem. Prem, along with Suman’s father and his family, defeat the villain, uniting not only two childhood friends but also Prem and Suman.

Though the movie has many romantic scenes, there is one that stands out. This scene in particular was shot in an artistic style which depicted Prem’s respect and love for Suman. During the scene Prem takes Suman out onto the terrace to celebrate her birthday. Prem asks Suman to wear some dresses he has brought for her, one of which is quite revealing. Suman wears the revealing dress for Prem to make him happy but when Prem realises she is uncomfortable, he covers her with a shawl. As the celebrations are ending, Suman and Prem are on either side of a glass door. Suman, as a sign of her love kisses on the glass door, confessing her love through actions.

4.    Jodhaa Akbar (2008)

This is an epic movie that stars a sizzling onscreen couple – popular actor Hrithik Roshan and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. In this historical romance, a Muslim King named Akbar (Hritik Roshan) marries a Hindu bride- Jodhaa (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) in order to unite Hindustan and become the ultimate Mughal ruler. They fall in love and lead Hindustan together after defeating Akbar’s brother-in-law.

The most romantic Bollywood scene in Jodhaa Akbar contains confrontation between Akbar and Jodhaa. After being falsely accused of infidelity, Jodhaa returns to her mother’s home for some time to think and be away from Akbar. Once Akbar learns the truth, he goes to bring her back. When he wakes up in the morning, he finds his wife in a sword-fighting garb and challenges her. They agree on a bet that if she loses, she will return with him to his kingdom. Jodhaa lashes out with her sword at Akbar and unleashes her fury at being humiliated by him. Despite this, Akbar blocks all the blows and keeps removing bits and pieces of her garb to reveal her face and hair. As he keeps defending her moves, he grabs her and pushes her against a pillar. Jodhaa feels awakening hunger for her husband and it shows in her eyes. In response, Akbar also realises his attraction to his wife and the need to kiss her. However, Jodhaa comes to her senses and breaks away from him. The fighting resumes when Akbar showers her with flowers. During the ongoing fight, a servant calls Jodhaa’s name distracting her concentration. Akbar defeats her and tells her she has to return with him.

5.    Paheli (2005)

Paheli is set against the backdrop of rural India and features some of the biggest names in Bollywood including Shah Rukh Khan and the talented actress, Rani Mukherjee. This movie is about a doppelganger called Kishen (Shah Rukh Khan), who impersonates Lachchi’s (Rani Mukherjee) husband because he is attracted to her. Lachchi falls for the impersonator whilst her real husband goes off on a business trip. Once Lachchi finds out the true identity of the doppelganger he disappears from her life. However, love is a fickle thing and despite his lies Lachchi is still in love with Kishen and is devastated by his departure especially when she finds out she is carrying his baby. Lachchi gives birth to a baby girl and her lost love is returned to her in the form of her real husband. Though this film failed to deliver in the box office, it has many romantic scenes.

The scene when Lachchi goes to visit her parents’ home is perhaps the most romantic scene throughout the film. Kishen the ghost, does not want her to leave him and keeps trying to trick her into taking him along. Lachchi is standing just outside the gate when she turns back and looks at Kishen the ghost. Through magic, he lays roses at her feet on the floor. When she tries to step away, the roses block her way. She turns back and pleads to him to let her go. Kishen refuses and continues to stop her with the rose petals. Lachchi is nearly won over by Kishen and about to take him along. However, just when she agrees, her father-in-law appears at the door and all the rose petals disappear.

So there you have our Top 5 Most Romantic Bollywood Movie Scenes. If all this talk of Bollywood Movies has got you thinking you wouldn’t mind watching one right now then head on over to the Yamgo website where you can choose from over 5 free to view Bollywood Movie channels.

What did you think of our Top 5 Romantic Scenes? Leave a comment and let us know if you agree of if you think there is a better Bollywood Romance scene out there.

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