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Now that’s Advertainment!

As traditional advertising methods grow stagnant, fresh, dynamic companies like Yamgo TV are a “breath of fresh air”; creating new and engaging ways to drive brand recognition and changing the tactics of global brand advertisers. Here we talk about how the channels of advertising are changing…

It’s clear that advertising is changing pace rapidly. What was once an industry that was filled with print ads and signage is now filled with QR codes, interactive ads, augmented reality and viral videos.

The line between advertising and entertainment is becoming blurred as online adverts allow viewers to choose which pre-roll advert they want to watch, visit brand websites via QR codes and even make adverts in magazines and newspapers come to life via smartphones and augmented reality apps.

Consumers are savvier than ever and expect a certain degree of effort to go into an ad. If it’s going to take up their precious time then it better be worth it, right?!

Advertisers have responded by becoming ever-more creative with their campaigns which has resulted in a whole new genre of entertainment-advertising. Otherwise known as Advertainent or Entertising.

Yamgo TV’s Top 5 ways to Advertain an audience:

  1. Augmented reality

Most of us are fascinated by augmented reality advertising. This is largely due to the fact it’s not very widely done, which makes it stand out compared to other forms of advertising. When Lexus launched their magazine advert for the ES 2013 the world couldn’t help be both amazed and confused. Firstly it must have taken considerable time, skill and money to create such an advert.  It looked great and there was no other ad quite like it. However there is a considerable degree of effort involved with “playing the ad”. One minute you’re reading a magazine the next you’re having to pull out your iPad, scan the QR code (if you don’t have a QR code reader you have to download the app) and then ensure that your iPad is placed in exactly the right place in order to view the ad properly. Many professionals would agree that those who have an iPad would be less likely to buy a print magazine and more likely to read a digital version of it online instead. IT Pro Portal reported that there has been a 9% reduction in demand for paper since iPads were brought out in 2010 which speaks volumes for the future of print advertising. Despite this, Lexus do have to be commended for taking a print ad and making it measurable by integrating a QR code, meaning they can track how many people viewed the advert in augmented reality mode.

  1. Interactive games

In the UK we all know it doesn’t really feel like Christmas until we’ve seen the Coca Cola advert “The Holidays are coming”. This year Coca Cola developed on this and created a branded app for Android users to download and play, helping Santa to deliver his presents on time. Interactive games are a great concept for driving a positive brand perceptions and it’s also an opportunity to give consumers something extra for their loyalty. Furthermore branded apps can help drive sales as they strengthen brand recognition as smart phone owners interact with apps on a daily basis.

  1. Viral Video

As mentioned in a previous blog Viral Videos have become a massive phenomenon worldwide. Last night I checked my Facebook and found a video a friend of mine had “Liked”. The video was filmed in the local Tesco superstore which showed a couple of youngsters who had dressed up as a pantomime horse and pretended to visit it’s deceased family in the frozen meat section (playing up to the Tesco horsemeat burger scandal). Five hours later I looked at Facebook again to find the video had 48,000 likes and hundreds of comments. The video had even been shared by X Factor starlet, Ella Henderson. If brands are able to identify a good subject and idea for a viral video then the recognition is huge, however the best viral videos are those which aren’t intended to do so and the question is how valuable are viral videos in generating sales and increasing revenue?

4.  Mini- Movie Adverts

Premier brands like Cartier have utilised Advertainment strategies to build on their brand by creating a series of “mini-movies”. The premium cinematography and high quality of their adverts speaks volumes about the Cartier brand therefore raising perceptions and expectations of their products.

Most traditional ads last around 30 seconds but Cartier broke out of the box and created an ad over 3 minutes long which resulted in their “mini-movie”. However, what is most important about Advertainment is the quality of the entertainment-not simply having the longest advert on TV!

5. Branded TV channels

It’s not just mini-movie adverts that brands are choosing to entertain their followers, some are opting to create their own branded TV channel. Power house companies like BMW, American Express, Coca Cola and even premier league sports teams like Liverpool FC all have their own TV channel.

Branded TV channels are great because they give something back to the viewer, whether it be entertainment, information or even ideas and tips. Branded TV channels work at both ends of the spectrum by enticing new consumers but also rewarding current fans by presenting them with a channel they will enjoy. According to E-Marketer the British brand Marks and Spencer’s launched M&S TV and saw a doubling of average site dwell-time and a 23% increase in average basket size. Meanwhile Kiddicare TV is an in-house success story, achieving more than 3-4 million monthly views largely of product-page videos.

The most desirable aspect of Advertainment is that due to its use of modern technology most campaigns are measurable and trackable, providing the company with a unique ROI report which is a necessity for modern-day analytics and marketing. Advertainment also gives brands the opportunity to express their company ethos, personality and creativity.

If you have any questions or comments about Advertainment or want to know more about creating exciting and engaging advertising then get in touch with Yamgo TV via the following contacts: or
T: 01792 614 692

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