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Android Users Spend More Time On Apps Than Web

The latest study into the expanding smartphone market and the habits of those with the latest generation of mobile phones has found that Android users now spend close to an hour a day using apps or surfing the mobile webRead the rest of this entry

Are people bored of Social Media?

A global research project, incorporating more than 6,200 people, claims that up to 30% of people in some of the world’s most developed countries have reduced their daily use of social media*.

Are people bored of social media?

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Men Are Switching Off Television In Favour Of The Internet

Latest research indicates that the digital age is having a profound effect on the media habits of young men*. A new online study claims that computers, smartphones and internet access rather than other technologies are the devices that men cannot live without.

The Habits of Men Are Changing

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Has the Internet Out Grown the PC?

Internet-enabled devices, such as iPad, the market leading tablet from Apple, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Blackberry Playbook and even connected TVs and video game consoles, like the Xbox and PS3, are set to surpass PC shipments for the first time by 2013, according to the latest market research*.

iPad is leading the rise of internet-enabled devices.

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