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Android and Apple Rule The US Smartphone Market

According to the latest monthly figures released by comScore*, Android and Apple continue to dominate the US smartphone market and have now increased their combined share of sales to almost seventy percent.

Android Increases Its Dominance of US Market

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TV and Video Dominate Mobile Data Traffic

A latest industry study, the ‘Mobile Analytics Report’* has revealed that mobile TV and video services, such as global offering Yamgo TV, are responsible for approximately 40–60% of total mobile data traffic on wireless networks.

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Report Shows Younger Viewers Increasingly Watch TV on Mobile Devices

In this media savvy technological world, it seems the younger you are the more adventurous you are with your TV watching. According to a new report, by research firm Ipsos OTX Media CT, more and more of the younger generation are watching TV on portable tablets and smartphones.

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Americans Watching More TV Thanks To Mobile Devices

Americans are watching more TV, with viewership growing the fastest on mobile devices, new research by Nielsen* reveals. Read the rest of this entry

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