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Mobile TV Grabs the Attention of the Masses

The latest study into the user habits of consumers has highlighted a huge surge in the demand for video and TV on mobile devices. Read the rest of this entry

Mobile Video Defies World Economic Crisis








The mobile video market is set to be worth $32 billion by 2017 according to new research from industry analysts GIA (Global Industry Analysts)*. The report indicates that the primary driving factors behind the growth include the continued introduction of high-speed mobile networks, increasing availability and decreasing cost of sophisticated mobile phones that enable users to download and play videos, competitive inexpensive data plans by service providers and growing popularity of social networking sites among mobile users. Read the rest of this entry

BBC Reveals We Are Not All Equal When It Comes To 3G Coverage

 A BBC survey* into the state of mobile Britain suggests that 3G has some way to go before it offers comprehensive coverage across the UK.  Read the rest of this entry

Men Are Switching Off Television In Favour Of The Internet

Latest research indicates that the digital age is having a profound effect on the media habits of young men*. A new online study claims that computers, smartphones and internet access rather than other technologies are the devices that men cannot live without.

The Habits of Men Are Changing

Read the rest of this entry

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