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African-Americans Watch Most TV, Asians Prefer Web Based Video

A new report by Nielsen* analysing the media habits of adults in the USA has concluded that African-Americans watch considerably more TV than other demographic groups, whilst Asian-Americans watch less traditional TV but are the section of the population that consumes the most online video. Read the rest of this entry

Five Ways to Enjoy TV Everywhere

Watching TV on the go has never been easier. Read the rest of this entry

Yamgo Launches Mobile TV App for HP TouchPad

Building on the success of its mobile TV service, which is available across all leading platforms and devices including iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung and HTC, Yamgo has developed a TV app especially for the new HP TouchPad. Read the rest of this entry

Tablet and Smartphone Surge Gives Mobile Ads a $3.3bn Shot In the Arm

Global mobile advertising revenue is forecast to more than double this year as marketers look to profit from the increasing number of smartphone and tablet owners, according to the latest report from analysts Gartner*.

The upsurge in sales and the launch of devices such as the HP TouchPad will help to fuel the growth of mobile advertising by making the audience easier to separate and target, with Gartner predicting global mobile advertising revenue will top $3.3bn in 2011 up from $1.6bn generated in 2010, increasing to $20.6bn by 2015.

Yamgo TV HP TouchPad App

The analyst report predicts that video and audio adverts targeting smartphones and tablets will see the greatest increase through to 2015. The Yamgo TV app available on the new HP TouchPad is an example of video allowing marketers to target specific audiences. The Yamgo app delivers free to view live TV to users of the new tablet alongside targeted, relevant video messaging.

Gartner reports that brands, advertisers and publishers now recognise mobile advertising as an opportunity to improve returns by targeting consumers in an engaging and contextual manner. The Yamgo TV app features live content from publishers such as Fashion TV, Zee Entertainment, iMusic1 and Clubbing TV. Video messaging from brands such as Vodafone, Footlocker, Paramount, Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds and Mercedes appears alongside Sky Sports News updates, chart topping music videos, breaking news and Bollywood movie scenes.

The report by Gartner foresees that mobile advertising budgets will expand substantially in the approaching years, representing more than four per cent of the total advertising budget in 2015; an increase from 0.5 per cent in 2010.

The report also recommends that advertisers and brands should allow and accommodate for mobile advertising in their budgets to position themselves to take advantage of moment when smartphones and tablets reach critical mass. “In 2011, we are finally seeing some important drivers fall into place, so that we can expect the market to more than double year-over-year in the coming two years,” said Andrew Frank, research vice president at Gartner.

As devices such as the TouchPad become increasingly ingrained in day to day activities, more and more consumers will become engaged in entertainment services such as Yamgo and reaching an audience on the move with clear brand messages will become a business of escalated importance.

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The Yamgo TV app for HP TouchPad is available now from the HP App Catalog on the HP TouchPad ( All other users can access the Yamgo TV service at: .

*[“Forecast: Mobile Advertising, Worldwide, 2008-2015”, Gartner, June 2011]

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